Sometimes, a character's distaste for something is so charismatic it leaves the movie and becomes millions of people's real life opinion. I call this "getting merloted" after SIDEWAYS.
  1. The Eagles by THE BIG LEBOWSKI. "Take it Easy", "Desperado", come on, they had some OK songs.
  2. Merlot, by SIDEWAYS. There is no way most people could even identify Merlot in a blind tasting but now people hate it.
  3. Big-ass sharks, by JAWS. I read somewhere more people die each year taking selfies than are eaten by sharks, but you wouldn't know it from the HATRED everyone feels for these gentle giants
  4. Competent Navy personnel, by TOP GUN. Thanks to Maverick, everyone thinks taking your job seriously, being careful in dangerous situations, and paying attention to the safety of your coworkers like Iceman is somehow "uncool". Well I got news for you pal, when it comes to fighter planes, putting safety first is cool as "Ice".