The Fun With Fake Ids Doesn't Have to Stop at 21

There plenty of age minimums after you're old enough to drink in the USA
  1. 25.
    Renting a car. Psych! That's a myth but I had to mention it because everyone will say it in the comments. 25 is, however, the minimum age for the US Congress.
  2. 30
    US Senate
  3. 35
    US President. I'm too full of in n out to come up with the birther joke that obviously belongs here
  4. 50
    Getting the Shingles vaccine
  5. 55
    Renting a unit in one of those old people communities, generally
  6. 60
    Senior citizen discount at the movies. Sometimes a little younger sometimes older. Check your local cinema before you make the fake I guess.
  7. 102 or so?
    Getting a happy birthday mention during the weather on the Today show.