Things I'd Like to Try Just One Time

I've never done any of these things, and I don't want to get into them. I already have a lot of hobbies, but they look fun to try.
  1. Glass-blowing
    Not saying I wanna be a glass artist but I've seen people do it and it looks like it would be really fun and satisfying to finally snap off the end bit
  2. Making a neon sign
    Kind of the same idea except...IT GLOWS?
  3. Pottery with a wheel.
    People always say this is way harder than it looks but I'd like to find out for myself
  4. Shaping a surfboard
    There's a place in Venice where they have a course where they teach you how to do it, and it costs like the same as buying a board. Sure, it wouldn't be "good" but I'm sure it would work. It's just a chunk of glassed foam.
  5. Wing suit flying
    Those videos are so sick
  6. A pear that costs $10
    @Nicholas told me today about these stores in Japan that sell like, "the best watermelon in the world." I don't want to make a habit of it but it would be cool to try once
  7. Having my job be the "King" role at Medieval Times
    Probably gets so old so quick but the first time? I bet it's so fun
  8. Luge
    I can't believe people take this seriously enough for it to be an Olympic sport but it's basically the ultimate sledding I think
  9. That thing where you fly over a giant fan like willy wonka
    Skydiving you free fall for what, a minute max? This big ass fan machine, you can fly as long as you want. Imagine if someone put one of these in a hollowed-out dark skyscraper in New York?
  10. Space
    Being an astronaut looks like it sucks (basically the space army) but I would like to float around in the space station and try to do normal stuff like brush my teeth, put in my ear buds, drink some juice
  11. Have a pet baby pig
    I'm sure when you have a giant pet pig day after day it's a huge chore but I saw a gif today of a baby pig wiggling up into this guys was so cute