People on the Internet sure have some strong opinions!
  1. Whether the toilet paper is hung the one way or the other way.
    I don't have cats. And like, either way, It's toilet paper. I don't give toilet paper holders a lot of soil in the old mind-garden you know what I mean?
  2. Whether you use the serial comma or not.
    It is sometimes less ambiguous with the serial comma, but there is still a possibility for ambiguity with it ("to my mother, Ayn Rand, and God"). I use it, because I was taught to in school, but I try not to invest all my hopes for clarity in one optional punctuation mark, when I'm free to just reorder the words.
  3. The word "moist"
    I wish people were still asking what "basic" meant so I could say "it's people whose profiles say they hate the word 'moist'." I mean, it doesn't have the musty elven magick of a "twelfth" or the furtive perfection of an "eavesdrop" but it's not the "Cop on Local News" of a "gifted" or the infuriating reverse-onomatopoeia of a "pulchritudinous" either. It's just a pantry staple word you don't use until you're left with no other choice.