I'm interested in TM but I'm skeptical you really have to pay a teacher to learn it-- so I read what I could about it on the Internet and now I'm doing it twice a day, 20 min each time, with no proper instruction whatsoever
  1. 7.5.15 10am - my first time! The 20 min flew by and then I felt real energized about going back to sleep so I did!
  2. 9pm - time went slower, afterwards felt like I could really go for a nap but didnt
  3. 7.6.15 11am did it by my kitchen window and a bum was going through the bottles in my trash cans right outside- bothered me and the dog, finally opened my eyes and decided this plant looked cool so I took a picture while still trying to say the mantra
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  4. 6:30 pm got into a groove then got real sleepy and wanted to take a nap after (so I did sucka) - FELT WEIRD THE REST OF THE EVENING
  5. 7.7.15 11:50am this was the biggest struggle so far- spent the 1st mins fretting that I need a teacher- but then my thoughts got more "playful" & creative & less worried, & I thought time must be flying by- then I got very impatient for it to be over & opened my eyes & thought about how messy my kitchen was & still had 5 min left which was torture
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  6. 7pm - not bad, the whole thing kinda flowed, was conscious for nearly all of it, mostly "light thoughts" that didn't get in the way--- seemed when I really thought of the syllables of the mantra I hit a nice GROOVE 😎
  7. 7.8.15 11pm - not great, my dog sat next to me on the couch and her stomach and butt were making all kinds of noises- they still are!- made it very hard to concentrate-- I didn't "get" anywhere
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  8. 9pm - so so, ok- I found myself looking forward to my evening meditation which is cool-- I got a little frustrated at times that I was still very conscious but I wasn't impatient for it to be over- that's coo
  9. 7.9.15 12pm - eh I mainly thought about a cup of coffee I bought that was getting colder by the second. Opened my eyes 3 times and looked at my dirty pink yoga mat-- def didn't "get" anywhere :(
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  10. 7.10.15 11pm - torture, so much to do today, couldn't stop thinking
  11. Took the weekend off- 🙆?
  12. 7.13.15 10:55am - at first I thought it was impossible but then time flew by so I must have been doin ok.... I think