1. The Apartment- the moment when Baxter describes his own suicide attempt to make Fran feel better about hers- this movie takes place in a world where everyone has wanted to die because of loneliness! So dark! & I love how jack Lemmon and the floozy at the bar have a whole conversation & a drunken dance without ever looking at each other- So dark!
  2. Sunset Boulevard! The moment where William Holden gets his pocket watch chain stuck on Norma's doorknob when he goes to leave her house for the first time
  3. Some Like it Hot- all of Miss Monroe's songs + Jack Lemmon in the top bunk on the train + when he and Joe E. Brown trade a rose using only their mouths while they tango
  4. The Lost Weekend - that time dissolve from one water ring on the bar to many water rings on the bar
  5. Sabrina - the opening monologue + the chef in Paris judging soufflés - "Too...EXAGERATED!"
  6. A Foreign Affair - that seduction scene in a room filled with filing cabinets
  7. Double Indemnity-- all of Edward G Robinson-- is it just me or is Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck the least two sexy people to ever be in a sexy movie? It's more a love story between Robinson and MacMurry, huh?
  8. U guys have favorite moments from some of the movies I left out? Stalag 17? Love in the Afternoon? Witness for the Prosecution?
  9. Stalag 17 - the POWs dancing with each other at Christmas. Gets me every time.
    Suggested by @brewer
  10. Witness for the Prosecution - Charles Laughton arranging his heart medication in rows while listening to testimony. Not to be confused with Jimmy Stewart making fishing lures during testimony in Anatomy of a Murder.
    Suggested by @brewer