1. Gelson's across the street- walk out the side exit to Monon instead of the Hyperion exit- less sketchy, more sneaky
  2. Those meters on Hyperion- time it perfectly so u can use the last 8 minutes of the car that just pulled away
  3. The WHAT THE FISH SUSHI parking lot, stop in, order a salmon avocado roll, shop at Tray Js, and pick it up on the way back. Do this enough they recognize you and smile at you.
  4. The pet shop on Rowena - browse their rawhides and antlers- decide they are over priced just go to Trader Joe's
  5. The extra Trader Joes parking lot on Hyperion above the sushi and cheese place. I mainly park here. It's legal, that's what it's there for, u can usually find a spot without waiting, it just makes sense.