Samuel Beckett's Small Talk

An office workplace. A water cooler. Afternoon.
  1. "Nothing like that 2PM pick-me-up. Yessir: coffee. Quite a word, too: coffee. Carafe. Decaf. Caffeine. Coffin. Coughing. Esophagus. Sarcophagus. And in Greek: sarkophagos, meaning, of course, 'flesh-consuming.'"
  2. "My plans for the weekend? Oh, you know, the usual silence, spent listening, spent waiting, waiting for the voice. Before you know it it's Sunday night, time for The Leftovers."
  3. "Habit is a great deadener."
    Long silence.
  4. "You are there somewhere alive somewhere vast stretch of time it's over you are there no more alive no more you know?"
    He does not move.