We've all been there. Someone's talking to you and your mind wanders. Suddenly, you snap back to reality and realize you have no idea what the person just said. Here are some surefire ways of digging out of those potentially embarrassing situations!
  1. Be honest: "I'm so sorry. I spaced out. Do you mind saying that again?"
  2. Assume they're telling a wild story: "Oh my god! That's so crazy."
  3. Or maybe their facial expression suggests pain/discomfort: "You've got to be kidding me... I am SO sorry."
  4. Pretend to take a call. Scream into phone: "MAKE THE DEAL!"
  5. Be really honest: "Whoa. I completely blacked out because you were talking about something that doesn't involve me and my needs. Let's change the subject."
  6. Try to kiss whomever is speaking.
  7. Slowly walk away. Then sprint to car and drive to mall. Buy new jacket to feel better about definitely ruining friendship.
  8. Start clapping. "Whatever you just said was GOLD."
  9. "SHHHH [put finger up to speaker's lips]... I want to remember this moment."
  10. "HOLY SHIT! Have you been here this whole time?"
  11. Go home. Watch Swim Fan. Forget the whole thing ever happened.