Thoughts While I Watch Possible Seat Neighbors Approach Me on a Plane

I've just boarded a plane. No one's sitting next to me. Yet. It could be anyone. And once they sit down next to me, we'll be conjoined as fast-traveling companions, soaring alongside each other for the next many hours. These are my thoughts as I watch each possible seat neighbor approach.
  1. Please no.
  2. Please yes.
  3. Please no.
  4. Please dear god no.
  5. Oh no. NOOOOOO.
  7. I'm not sure. Probably not.
  8. No! Anyone but you! ANYONE BUT YOU!!!
  9. Oh thank god.
  10. Nope.
  11. Pass.
  12. Next.
  13. Oh looks like it's gonna be this person...
  14. This guy will do...
  15. I guess I should say "hi"
  16. Hi!
  17. Oh no. Now we're talking.
  18. Ok. This is enough small talk for one flight. I'm good on this talk.
  19. I want to put my headphones in and watch The Americans.
  21. There's a lull in conversation! Go for the headphones--
  22. Dammit we're talking again!!
  23. Maybe politely ask him to stop talking?
  24. You can't ask a stranger to stop talking! You started this horrible conversation!
  25. Ok just ask to slip out to go to the bathroom and watch The Americans in there.
  26. That's a psychotic plan. Let's just see how much more conversation is left in this guy.
  27. Actually, this guy's pretty cool.
  28. Ew he just gave me his business card. His name's Roy. God, he's such a Roy.
  29. Landing?! Nope. Just turbulence.
  30. Now we're talking about turbulence. What an enthralling convo subject for me and Roy to chew on.
  31. Welp. I know Roy's whole life now. When did I become such an inviting conversationalist?
  32. I guess I'm just one of those people that are really interesting and accepting of new people and ideas. I must have a unique quality that makes me disarming, which is why Roy's telling me all these private things.
  33. My mom used to say that about me, but I ignored her- just thought it was standard empty mom compliments. But maybe she was right. Maybe I have a really exciting and curious mind that people are drawn to.
  34. It explains how Roy and I have gone so deep in this convo.
  35. We're landing. But... I'm not ready to stop talking to Roy. I'm having fun letting my natural curiosity for new people bring out a thrilling story of two strangers meeting that I'll tell my friends at drinks tonight.
  36. What a cool flight this has been.
  37. I'm amazing.