This is a list I had years ago. I'll see what I can remember. Closest to a real super group I believe was Power Station, half of Duran Duran plus Robert Palmer. Best known for Some Like it hot.
  1. Bonham on drums. Duh.
  2. Bass - Depends on the mood. Kim Deal. Maybe have Flea waiting on deck.
  3. Guitar. We can have a few, right? Johnny Marr...and i didn't think the Peppers would have so much presence, but I love Frusciante. Prince is a sick guitar player too. But maybe we'll put him elsewhere.
  4. Piano. Beethoven, right?
  5. Keyboards. Steve Nieve
  6. Oh, so I forgot to mention that this super group is just performing one song. So Leonard Cohen is writing the words and Lennon McCartney are writing the melody.
  7. Singers. Kinda want Bono. Sorry if that's not cool. Garfunkel on harmonies? Sick! Wait wait. I need Sam Cooke up there. He'll sing the prechorus. Then can I have Bowie and Freddie Mercury take it home.
  8. James brown is just up there dancing.
  9. Steven Tyler is in charge of microphone stand scarves.
  10. Fleetwood Mac and Motley Crüe are in charge of drugs and alcohol in that order.
  11. Mutt Lange and Eno are producing.
  12. Ian Brown is vibe master
  13. HR is in charge of stage dives
  14. Iggy Pop is in charge of spitting, bleeding, clothing removal