I know that competition is healthy for innovation but lately I feel like there's more repetition and redundancy in the marketplace.
  1. Maps
    Apple, let Google have maps. They're great at it. Please don't waste time and resources re-doing all they've done just because you guys don't get along.
  2. Streaming music.
    I guess competition is good here as it still hasn't been figured out. Beats is now just Apple music, right? There's spotify - never liked the interface. Google play which seemed really similar to beats - not sure which came first. It all still seems primitive to me. I like the getting to know you with selecting artists you like, but eventually an intelligent system will just see my music library and get me right away. also- please someone integrate all the artwork better!
  3. Phones.
    You can all keep making phones and tablets. Actually, Amazon, you can stay out. Keep making the Kindle and the show Transparent. You're doing great.
  4. Voice recognition.
    This is a big one. All of our devices need better voice recognition. Google's seemed to take a big leap over the last few years and is much more accurate than Siri. I declare Google the winner here.
  5. Cars
    I think this is a terribly exciting field. Google's self driving car is looking good. I'm very curious to see what Apple does here. Tesla will obviously continue to do great things here too.
  6. TV
    Let's figure this one out! I thought Apple would have this done years ago. My dream is to just talk to my tv, no remotes. I'd love to have my personal digitized movie library easily accessible. I sort of do know using Plex through Roku but it's janky and rarely works.
  7. Laptops and desktops.
    Apple, please get back to making better stuff. I think quality has dipped lately. My nightmare is that someday I'll have no choice but switch to a Google made laptop.