Tuesday is the festering abscess of the week. It's Monday's ugly cousin, the one day nobody wants to sit with at lunch. It's the day no one took to the prom. The problem is that no one understands why Tuesday is so terrible. After all, you survived Monday. But Tuesday still blindsides us all. It's the worst.
  1. Everyone expects Monday to suck. That's a given. If you have a bad day on Monday, just know that you're not alone. We suffer together.
  2. Wednesday is hump day. You're halfway to Friday. Keep up the good fight!
  3. Thursday is Friday Eve. As Jerry Seinfeld once observed, there's noting quite like being "next." Enjoy Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday!
  4. Friday is FRIDAY. You do not get to be in a bad mood on Friday. That's a privilege you do not have.
  5. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend. Relax. Keep calm. Even if you're working, at least it's not Tuesday.