5 "Shocking" Things About ME That Will Make You Say "What?? Really!!"

Yes, it is true that...
  1. I've never seen a whole Harry Potter movie or read any of the books
    I've wanted to, I just...haven't...yet.
  2. There's a whole LIST of newer TV shows that I've never seen
    Breaking Bad; Arrested Development; Game of Thrones; Orange is the New Black; The Office (UK) and really hardly anything past the first season of the US version; Empire; Mindy Project; Bobs Burgers and the list goes on and on...these are shows that many MANY people talk about and reference...I just have never seen them.
  3. I have no tattoos OR body piercings.
    None, zilch, zero ... I'm not against them at all, I just have never ever gotten one. There was one time in Indianapolis where I felt compelled to get a tattoo, but at that moment they were closed and I quickly lost interest.
  4. I listen to a LOT of "bad" music
    It's not bad to me, but it's stuff I usually don't play when there's someone else in the car. Jewish Folk Songs; Ukrainian Merry-Go-Round Music; Polka; Latino Ska; Smooth Jazz; Peruvian Funk; this list can also go on and on too...
  5. I hate beer!
    I know...what they're making now is NOT Keystone or MGD...but I'm just not into it. Give me a Jack and Water or a glass of wine and I'll go back into my unsociable corner and people watch.
  6. I'm sure there's more "shocking" things about me...but this is all I care to reveal so far :)