Camera Roll - Band Pictures and Posters

Random Pictures in my phone of gigs with various bands. Posters are made by Dan Brannan (local curmudgeon and awesome artist)
  1. The Peter Sellers - Downtown - Summer '15
    Aw...I miss playing with Peter. (Literally and figuratively! - 🤣)
  2. Here's the time I opened up for Sea Bass - Fall '15
    Ha! Not really, but it looks like I opened up for a band called Sea Bass! Btw...if you can ever get a gig where they have all you can eat Spaghetti.... DO IT!!
  3. Stan and Jeff - backyard birthday party Summer '15
    I remember I was VERY under dresses that night, it was hotter than Hades and after setting up, rummaged thru my car to see if I could find a button down shirt or something.
  4. The Art Hop (outside Our Town Books) Summer '15
    I liked this gig - it was like busking. No amp or microphone, just drag your guitar to the downtown square and start playing!
  5. Another Art Hop Gig - Fall '15?
    I'm guessing on the date - my buddy Rob joined in on this one, same concept as above
  6. Hot Town Trio - Dr.Ugs Cafe - Winter '16
  7. Hot Town Trio (duo) - Schiraz - spring '16
    I miss playing here - they are only open for lunch now. But if they ever do open back up for dinner on the weekend, I'm so there!
  8. Lobby of Illinois Theatre - Spring '16
    This was a fun gig... it was a movie premiere ... so we played for about 30 minutes before the movie started and then for about 30 minutes after the movie ended
  9. Osage Orange Festival - Illinois College - spring '16
    It was awesome until it down poured! Cut the gig time in half!
  10. Hot Town Trio - Downtown Concert Series -Summer '16
  11. Hot Town Trio -Winchester Concert Series - Summer '16
    These became popular last year!
  12. The Peter Sellers - Dr. Ugs Cafe - Summer '16
    Yes, we only get to play together about once a year because we are both in different bands...but it's always magic when we do get together
  13. The Portable Beat - Boatel in Naples - Summer '16
    The birth of The Portable Beat
  14. Hot Town Trio (duo) - Illinois College - Fall '16
    It didn't rain this time
  15. Teresa and The Jeff's - Art Hop - Fall '16
    Another fun Art Hop gig, this time with Jeff and Teresa Davidsmeyer (hence the name Teresa and The Jeff's)
  16. A Dan Brannan original
  17. The Portable Beat - Fall '16
    (I look a little bit "happy" in this one)
  18. Another Dan piece
  19. Hot Town Trio - Hand of Fate Brewing co. -winter '16
    (I did this flyer) ... awesome place!
  20. Last nights show !
    No pictures have materialized from this gig yet.
  21. Mardi Gras @ the Triangle Bar - Tuesday Night
    Judy (vocals) decided it would be an awesome idea to get everybody from the audience up on stage at the end of the night. I spent most of my time on the floor trying to protect my pedals and my cords. But I did get THIS shot! :)). Lol 😝