Every 27th Picture on My Camera Roll Pt 2

For introduction please see part one of this post.
  1. Some barn...some place...not sure where
  2. Climbing the rock wall. My sons 9th BDay party
  3. My silly son, Keegan
  4. Weigh in for my works "Biggest Loser" contest - yes I could STILL stand to lose some pounds
  5. Selfie looking down at the camera as a rainbow was overhead like I have a rainbow shooting out of my noggin (this has been my profile picture for a while now)
  6. Crazy couples yoga
  7. Gosh, my job sucks!! 😆😆😆
  8. Me and Keegan hanging out during Richard III auditions
  9. Richard the III dance sequence...just kidding, there is no dance number in Richard III 😆 but it totally looks like this could've been A Chorus Line or something
  10. More Richard III rehersal
  11. Again...my job is Horrible!!!
  12. Keyboard?? I don't know why...maybe an accident
  13. My drive home
  14. More Richard III - dress rehearsal
  15. And more...gosh I took a lot of shots of this
  16. My little monsters
  17. A leaf that fell on my windshield, at first I thought this was a lead sitting in a puddle and a reflection shot...but that "puddle" was WAAYYY too clear. Then I remembered taking the picture
  18. "Dad!! Take my picture with this turtle!" (Christmas shopping)
  19. Another awesome drive home
  20. Christmas Shenanigans
  21. And finally, a Happy New Years from us to you!! May your 2016 be joyous, fruitful, and eventful! Many blessing to you and yours!