For introduction please see part one of this post.
  1. Some barn...some place...not sure where
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  2. Climbing the rock wall. My sons 9th BDay party
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  3. My silly son, Keegan
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  4. Weigh in for my works "Biggest Loser" contest - yes I could STILL stand to lose some pounds
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  5. Selfie looking down at the camera as a rainbow was overhead like I have a rainbow shooting out of my noggin (this has been my profile picture for a while now)
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  6. Crazy couples yoga
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  7. Gosh, my job sucks!! 😆😆😆
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  8. Me and Keegan hanging out during Richard III auditions
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  9. Richard the III dance sequence...just kidding, there is no dance number in Richard III 😆 but it totally looks like this could've been A Chorus Line or something
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  10. More Richard III rehersal
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  11. job is Horrible!!!
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  12. Keyboard?? I don't know why...maybe an accident
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  13. My drive home
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  14. More Richard III - dress rehearsal
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  15. And more...gosh I took a lot of shots of this
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  16. My little monsters
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  17. A leaf that fell on my windshield, at first I thought this was a lead sitting in a puddle and a reflection shot...but that "puddle" was WAAYYY too clear. Then I remembered taking the picture
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  18. "Dad!! Take my picture with this turtle!" (Christmas shopping)
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  19. Another awesome drive home
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  20. Christmas Shenanigans
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  21. And finally, a Happy New Years from us to you!! May your 2016 be joyous, fruitful, and eventful! Many blessing to you and yours!
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