Friday Afternoon Dance Party 04.21

Flipping on he old random button - cleaning office
  1. "Empire State" - Fleetwood Mac
    It's not the Jay-Z song, but grooves just the same. :) I never noticed before that there is a hidden face on he cover if this album! The same album as "Gypsy" - cool song, weird insteumentation, weird vocals, weird guitar solo
  2. "You Were Never There" Diego Garcia
    Have loved this song ever since seeing him on a Tiny Desk Concert. "It was a rainy night in a quiet town in Florida".
  3. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Queen
    It's a fun little Friday afternoon ditty as I'm cleaning office and buttoning up things for the weekend!
  4. "Observer" Gary Numan
    This had to be written the same time as "Cars". What am I talking about..the whole album sounds like "Cars".
  5. "Whispering" Benny Goodman Quartet
    Ahh...springtime...walking thru the city...falling in love...that's what this song reminds me of
  6. "It's a Miracle" Culture Club
    They must know it's Friday...and I'm cleaning
  7. "Late to the Party" Kasey Musgraves
    Don't know much about this one, but she was on Prairie Home Companion over the weekend. I dig her