Took the kids to my moms house last night. Not only did she have a wicked treasure hunt for them (complete with rhyming clues) but she had tons of ghostly goodies for them to eat
  1. Skeleton Veggie Tray
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    What is cooler than a healthy plate full of skeleton?
  2. Cut up apples and "ghost bananas"
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    The apples...not so scary, but delicious. The Bananas bad cute little faces made with chocolate chips
  3. Little Jack'o'Lantern Peppers
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    We filled these with worms (spaghetti)
  4. Eyeballs
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    Meatballs with sliced green olives! (I took the olives out)
  5. Little pizzas with Cut out Black Cats
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    Cookie cuter cheese cats and bats
  6. Bat Wings
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    Chicken Wings with black food coloring in the marinade
  7. Cookie Spiderweb
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    Huge cookie decorated like a spiders web.