Jeff and Jeff's Infinite Playlist (01.17)

Once a week I'll recommend a few tracks for you to (re)discover. Check out the playlist at
  1. "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" Boston
    Recommended if you: have sweet memories of classic rock radio; love groovy cut-time song endings; still cherish mullets, pool games, MGD
  2. "Lost My Mind" They Might Giants
    Recommended if you: have also felt the despair of misplacing something and can't find it; have ever felt like both the bag and the boxing glove
  3. "Paid to Smile" Lemonheads
    Recommended if you: like great little pop dittys; are in (or have been in) the service industry
  4. "I Do Love You" Billy Stewart
    Recommended if you: love sweet soul music; want to impress yo lady with your impressive scatting skills (trust me dude, that won't make her come back into your arms - though your version of Summertime might...)
  5. "Shadows" Au Revoir Simone
    Recommended if you: can create an awesome hypnotic beat with a Rhodes; can drive down the highway while staring off into space
  6. "I Think About You" Scott McCarl
    Recommended if you: love all things power-pop!
  7. "A Little Respect" Erasure
    Recommended if you: like to scream your head off to '80's flashbacks in the car; synth-pop perfection
  8. "Keep Their Heads Ringing" Dr. Dre
    Recommended if you: Ring Ding Dong; Ring A Ding ding ding Dong
  9. "Prove My Love" Violent Femmes
    Recommended if you: would climb a mountain; would cross an ocean; would do it all; would do anything
  10. "I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City" Harry Nilsson
    Recommended if you: like short pop tunes; like long song titles