Jeff and Jeff's Infinite Playlist 01.24.16

Once a week, I'll hit random on the ole playlist and recommend a few tracks for you to (re)discover. Check out the playlist at
  1. "Things Will Change" Treetop Flyers
    Recommended if you: feel like a warm afternoon drive is in your future
  2. "First Glimmer" Paul Westerberg
    Recommended if you: love walks with your crush on an Autumn day; like the "softer" side of the 'Mats
  3. "Is There Something I Should Know" Duran Duran
    Recommended if you: love classic 80's songs that haven't yet been drilled into your head; wear headbands a lá John McEnroe
  4. "Bloody Well Right" Supertramp
    Recommended if you: love awesome intros to songs (especially on electric piano); love singing in British accents
  5. "Laughing" R.E.M.
    Recommended if you: like that care-free feeling you used to have where nothing really bothered you and you were very creative.
  6. "What You Won't Do For Love" Bobby Caldwell
    Recommended if you: want to hear one of the best songs ever written; spend your nights a little on the smooth side
  7. "Rock Creek Park" The Blackbyrds
    Recommended if you: like to hear the original songs that rap songs sampled from; like doing it in the park; like doing it after dark.
  8. "Lost in the Light" Bahamas
    Recommended if you: are sitting alone in a semi-empty bar lamenting over a couple Jack and Waters: enjoy Sunday Morning coffee sessions with your lady-friend
  9. "Give It to Me Baby" Rick James
    Recommended if you: love to wild animals; like to give a sassy "Say Whaaat?"; like to dance in front of the mirror while getting ready
  10. "Shallow End" Morcheeba
    Recommended if you: can get down; especially when high