Jeff and Jeff's Infinite Playlist 01.30.16

Once a week, I'll hit random on the ole playlist and recommend a few tracks for you to (re)discover. Check out the playlist at
  1. "This is the Day" - Ivy
    I remember having this album in the record store I worked at, but for some reason it didn't hit me at that time of my life. This is a cool perfect pop song complete with bah-ba-bah's and a horn line you can sing along to! It reminds me also of some of the music that Pharrell did for Despicable Me - though this came first.
  2. "Stop Your Sobbing" - The Kinks
    So...stupid me..I had NO idea this was originally a Kinks song! I've only known the Pretenders version. But it makes sense since Chrissie Hynde and Ray Davies were I don't know which version I like better. Probably still the Pretenders version.
  3. "Working on a Love Song" - Miles Zuniga
    A nice little Americana piece from this ex (current?) Fastball member (are they still together? Idk) ... Anyway, short and sweet and nice male/female vocals. Enjoy.
  4. "This is How We Do It" - Montell Jordan
    Why wasn't this my jam back in the day? Oh's because I was a total fucking pretentious music snob that would NEVER lower myself to radio pop ditties like this... A nice nod to Slick Rick's "A Children's Story" and I think he might even rap in the middle of this one? I used to hate this song, but it came on today and I boogied to it for a little bit!
  5. "The Model" Kraftwerk
    A little electro-kraut fun. Makes me feel like playing video games.
  6. "Young Turks" Rod Stewart
    And speaking of electro... I LOVE this era of Rod Stewart! This song always makes me want to dance like the kids in that library scene of The Breakfast Club!
  7. "What Have I Done" Jimmy Rogers
    Damn those bitches making you Cukoo! I hear ya' Jimmy! loud and clear! (Love old Chess blues stuff)
  8. "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" Jim Croce
    I dare you not to tap your foot during any part of this song! Cheesy, yes, but I like it!
  9. "You Don't Live Here Any More" The Fans
  10. "Johnny Runs For Paregoric" Exploding Seagulls
    Both of these songs played back to back which is weird because they were both on the Fried Egg Label in the late '70's/early '80's...nothing Great (Capital G great) about either one of these songs, but both have that sound...that post-punkish/power pop sound that I dig so well. Oh...and could Dylan sue the Exploding Seagulls?? I wonder if they had to ask permission to totally steal from him like that!
  11. Well...that's it for this week! Hope you enjoyed!