Jeff and Jeff's Infinite Playlist 02.14

Valentine's edition (not really, since it's a random sampling) ... I'll hit random on the ole playlist and recommend a few tracks for you to (re)discover. Check out the playlist at
  1. 96 Tears // Jimmy Ruffin
    So this is no "What's Become of the Broken Hearted". But I may prefer this cover over the ? And the Mysterians version. But you can make that call.
  2. Frenesi // Gerry Mulligan
    Gosh I love the sound of the baritone AND I love the counterpoint melodies Chet Baker and Gerry do...and just the sparseness of it all (there is no piano or guitar chomping chords!)
  3. Hey No Pressure // Ray LaMontagne
    Really dig this atmospheric-black keys-y sound of Ray's new song! Looking forward to the album dropping in March. Chorus kinda has this Pink Floyd vibe...dig it!
  4. A César o Que É de César // Hamilton De Holanda
    I've got to get ahold of one of these Mandolin type instruments! They are so beautiful!! Are they called Bandolin? This piece is so prettyl, I must check out the rest of this album!
  5. Another Day // Paul McCartney
    Do de de do doo do!
  6. Free Ride // Edgar Winter Group
    Can anyone listen to this song anymore and not think of Dazed and Confused? What a perfect song for that moment of the movie...everyone setting out on their adventure that evening...the first night of summer vacation! Wow, what excitement!! A perfect soundtrack!
  7. 12th Street Rag // Roy Smeck
    Almost cartoony this is! Love me some old Hawaiian slide music! It makes me sing-a about the Moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a
  8. I Want You // Marvin Gaye
    This song is sex and desperation!! Fantastic!
  9. Capsized // Andrew Bird
    HAVE YOU HEARD ANDREW BIRDS NEW SINGLE!!! It's fucking awesome! Here it is...
  10. Straight to Memphis // Club de Belugas
    If this what a trip to Memphis sounds like, I'm getting in my car and going straight there TODAY!!
  11. Hope you enjoyed this week's adventure in music! Have a great week!