Jobs I'd Really Like to Do Other Than the One I'm Already Doing

I'm not trained in any of these, but they'd be fun
  1. Magician/Juggler
    Not like a "make the Sears Tower disappear magician, but like a street performer. It's probably not much money, but I would make people happy and I'd get PAID for it.
  2. DJ...Ibiza Fatboy Slim
    I'd spin records and make people happy and make them dance...and I'd have gigs on beaches and in clubs. And I'd get PAID for it.
  3. Professional Speaker/Writer
    I'd go around and talk and help people out...and when I wasn't talking, I'd write...on a beach, or a coffee shop. And I'd get PAID for it.
  4. Cereal tester.
    Did you make a new cereal?? Would you like me to give you my opinion? (I'm kind of an expert) - Well I'm your man! Now please, pay me!!