Part two of my birthday activities
  1. 9:00 - 11:00am - did some work at the office
    Since I don't technically work AT the office (my office is my car and my house) I wrapped up my work pretty quickly (the rest I can do at home)
  2. 11:15am - heard from my dad and brother
    My dad called wishing me a happy birthday from Texas (he's there on business) and my brother texted me around the same time.. I wonder if they were talking and then said, "oh shit! It's jeffs birthday today, have you called him yet?)
  3. 11:45am - returned back to town, visited a customer that was having a Plastic Fork Dispenser Mystery
    Yes...this is my world, I came back to town to visit a customer who needed parts for their plastic fork dispenser and also wanted to borrow a heat lamp. And then delivered frozen donuts to another customer who wants to start using them as the bun to their double cheeseburger (I call this the anti-salad). I picked up a chicken sandwich there, but not fries, soda or a milkshake like I used to! I thought this was a fantastic display of self control!
  4. 12:06pm - finally getting to my chicken sandwich
    You know..sometimes I make or order lunch and then get way swept away with business before I can enjoy it. Impressively the bun did NOT get soggy.
  5. 12:30pm - plug in my computer, get to work
    Which also means, comment on people's lists, delete unimportant emails, etc...
  6. 2:00pm - start making my Spotify list for the "party" tomorrow night
    So, it's not so much a "party", but the closest thing to a birthday party that I've had since I turned 30. Just my super duper friends dropping by the house, there will be food, and good coffee and adult beverages and conversation and maybe a game or two... Anyway, it will be a good time and you should be jealous you don't live around here ... But if you did, you would totally be invited!
  7. 3:00pm - should I masturbate or nap??
    Or neither?? ... Or BOTH?? This is the debate I'm having in my head...Neither one are very productive but...hmm.
  8. 3:20pm - ha! I did neither one!
    I got in the car and drove around listening to music reflecting on the past year. It was a pretty good one! Looking forward to my 37th year.
  9. 5:00pm - picked up the kiddos and they came out with a present for me!! I don't know what it is... They won't let me open it yet!
    Ugh the suspense is killing me!!
  10. Stay tuned to part three which I will post before bed!