My Birthday Activities From Start to Finish Pt. 3 5pm-now

  1. 5:30pm - we go to me mums house for a birthday dinner she is making..she found a new recipe (see picture) that she wanted to try out
    It was fabulous. It was her, my Grandmother, my wife and kids and the In-Laws.
  2. 6:15pm - after a bit of conversation and a game of War (card game) with the kids she surprises me with my favorite dip (Pizza Dip)
    I didn't even need dinner after that
  3. 6:45pm - all the guests are here by now and the kids disappear to the downstairs.
  4. 7:15pm - Keegan comes in with this picture stating that I am the Most Wonderful Dad in the History of Dads!
    Bonus points for the mustache and the hat... "We Might Be Giants". Lol
  5. 7:32pm - we sit down for dinner which was BA and then my favorite - coffee and cheesecake for dessert
  6. 9:00pm- Now - we come home, and chill for a bit (that's Grace and I hanging out) and now it's 10:54 - everyone is asleep and I'm up with you guys!
    I think this 37th year is going to be pretty great! I have a lot of friends and loved ones around me and a desire to finally LIVE life like I never have in the past! Thanks for following me on my adventure today...I know it wasn't über exciting or anything, but to was amazing!