My Favorite (and Not So Favorite) b.j.'s - Ranked 💦🍌🤓🤓

  1. 11.
    Beef jerky
    I mean...what the hell processing nightmare is this? No..I'm never gonna try it (not this time) neva eva gonna try it (my lovin') .... 🎤Ewwwwwwwww gross!🎤
  2. 10.
    Bon jovi
    These guys have just never been my style...I think maybe, if I have been drinking, I could probably like belting out "Living On a Prayer" with some people and not feel ashamed. But the rest of their catalog...meh!
  3. 9.
    B.J. and am the Bear
    I haven't seen this in forever but I'm sure if I watched it now, it would be QUITE entertaining (I mean...the "bear" was a monkey!!?...or was BJ the monkey?) Either way...QUALITY entertainment!
  4. 8.
    B.J. Thomas
    Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head? Hooked on a Feeling? Oh give me more you love child of Charlie Rich and Neil Diamond!!
  5. 7.
    Bungee jumping
    I've never done it, but I HAVE leaned too far back in my chair and then caught myself before I fell...I reckon it's just an amplified version of that feeling
  6. 6.
    Billie Jean
    A mean the song, not the crazy woman that the song is about. The opening drum beat to this jam makes my heart very happy!
  7. 5.
    It's such a happy way to say 'allo!! I can still hear the song-songy way my French teacher in high school used to say it!
  8. 4.
    Billy Jean King
    She fucking ruled the tennis court, was the first prominent woman to come out as a lesbian in professional sports, and is a strong promoter of woman's equality!
  9. 3.
    BJs Truck Stop
    It was originally a diner attached to a gas station, but then they moved across the street to an old Howard was my high school hang out and were I consumed gallons of coffee, learned how to smoke cigarettes and wrote tons of bad poetry.
  10. 2.
    B.J. Novak
    The man, the myth, the legend! The person we all owe a huge thank you to for creating this wonderful place called The List App! Thank you Benjamin Joseph for all you do! By the was a tough call, and you almost made it to the top of the list, but nothing beats...
  11. 1.
    The Obvious One
    I mean...who can argue with this?