My Latest Musical Finds (December)

Please don't take my Spotify away!!
  1. ALO - "Blew Out the Walls" I don't know much about these guys except Erika says that the accordion player for Jack Johnson during his "En Concert" era was in ALO. This song goes in my "nothing matters except music" pile. A song to definitely play during my stressful times to remind myself to chill and remember the power of music
  2. Scott Pemberton "Awfully Nice Day" this track kind of sounds like a spacey jammier Vampire Weekend. I dig it.
  3. Grateful Dead "Bertha" I don't know what happened. I've always known this song...but I was in the train station waiting for my brother to arrive and this particular version of this song came on and I lost my shit!! I started body felt alive...tears started strolling down my was the craziest thing. @john did you get to play this one with these guys??
  4. The California Honeydrops This is the song that introduced me to them...but check out the band as a whole. Start with the "Honeydrops Live" album first maybe.
  5. Henry Mancini I had a couple tracks on some different "lounge" compilations but dove headfirst into his soundtrack work this month...luckily Spotify has TONS of his output...I linked up the Breakfast At Tiffany's Soundtrack for you to start (note: get past the mushy Moon River, go for the other stuff to hear Mancini at his finest)
  6. The Messiah - Handel How did I get through ANY Christmases before without listening to this through at least once? Saw it performed last year for the first time because my amazing friend @jennwmitchell was in the choral society that performed it...but this year it touched me. And now I will not go another year without listening to it around Christmas
  7. Rivers Cuomo - Alone: The Home Recordings These have been out since 2007-08, but apparently I'm just finding out about them!! WOW! It's like a treasure trove of a mastermind at work. I guess there is a volume 3 out also that has demos of Pinkerton Era stuff.
  8. Looking forward to January! Amy recommendations, please list them below :)