My Week in Pictures 01.03.16

Here are some things that happened to me this week
  1. We celebrated New Years!!
  2. And we buried a wonderful grandmother. She was 95 and lived a good, good life.
  3. New Years Day we took a family "Poler Hike". It was good to get some fresh air and to "regroup" after the funeral and family things.
  4. I found this nifty little thing on our walk
  5. We went to the mall while the kids were on Winter break this week
  6. Keegan found out he was now too big to go on these "kiddy" rides
  7. Grace also had to try...she is also too big
  8. We inherited a new Betta Fish named "John"
  9. I restarted my website/blog after taking a break for about half a year - latest blog is here: