Adventures of me this past week (trust me it's not that interesting)
  1. My friend APratt posted this today! I ❤️ it. A philosophy I try to follow daily!
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  2. Have you ever seen a Sundog? Well now you have, this is what was in the sky this morning - pretty awesome, I had never seen one before
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  3. Saw this sky Friday afternoon as I was driving - what is it about the winter skies that makes things cooler? I would love to see the Northern Lights sometime.
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  4. We rearranged our living room - and then we rearranged our living room - and then we rearranged our living room!!
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    But now it looks AWESOME and I swear the room is like 3x bigger now!!
  5. Got a cool picture of the flooding on the Illjnois River
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  6. And another one of...what is this? A grain elevator?
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  7. And I said goodbye to our cordless screwdriver as the batteries just wouldn't charge anymore :-/ R.I.P. Convenience!
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  8. And we also said goodbye to John, our Betta fish as SOMEBODY...okay me...I forgot to put the drops in the water while cleaning out the fish tank
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  9. And these are the drops that I forgot to put know, the ones that "make tap water safe for Bettas" 🐟🐟🐟🔫
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