1. First off! It hasn't been winter that long, but I say Fuck the Snow...I'm over it! I welcome spring anytime it wants to rear it's cute little head
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  2. This was my comment reaction when my friend on Facebook said she just took a new job with the ALF - for the record, I still really don't know where her new job is (but I hope she doesn't have any cats!)
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  3. This is a new wooden statue that has found shelter in our home.
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  4. This is a pen that I used to sign in at the Hospital...I was so impressed by its writing ability that I snapped a picture of it so the next time I'm shopping for pens, I can look for this kind (yes, it really was THAT impressive!)
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  5. These are silly people that stood outside of the door Saturday in the 9 degree temperature to go inside. It was 7:55, they open at 8:00 ... Um, i'm good waiting in my car, but thanks!!
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  6. This is a picture of me looking into a doorknob. I took this while playing hide and seek. I took this because I probably won't get to the giant bean in Chicago any time soon. And I think I also look a little bit like Donald Fagen in this picture
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