My Week in Pictures 01.24.16

I started this yesterday and almost forgot to finish it
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    My Honey Bear is always missing in the morning when I go to put it in my coffee...I swear it moves overnight! One day I will put up motion detection cameras in the kitchen to witness this phenomenon.
    And yes...we were childish and changed the Curél Lotion bottle to Bitch Defense!
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    Yes...more snow...but now I feel like a pussy for complaining about it seeing that some of you got like 3 feet of it or worse.
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    Found this request from a birthday party I gigged at. People have me announce things at weird times. I thought it was humorous that I still had this.
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    Do you get it? 😆😆😆
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    I thought it looked like a face in the sky
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    And then a van ran into one of the buildings downtown
    And then today (I don't have a picture) but a car totally flipped over on to its top...I don't believe anyone was injured.
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    Here was Grace scaring the crap out of me at my birthday dinner Friday night...I noticed she had left the table, but I thought she had just went to the bathroom or something...
    Then I looked down.
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    My kids got me this awesome electric griddle for my birthday (I think it is to prompt me to make them more pancakes)
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    This was my shopping list to through the ultimate birthday party Saturday night
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    And here was a wonderful present given by Wes and Kyla!! (It was gone in 3 hours)
    Just kidding!! 😆
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    Hope you enjoyed!