My Week in Pictures 02.01.16

Last week I was just in a cloud of cold and sinus medicine! :)
  1. Here were the biggest pills I've ever taken!
    I choked a couple times making the pill fall out of my mouth onto the floorboard of my car and the water dribbling on my shirt!
  2. And then seriously, I didn't take any more pictures until Saturday. And afterwards I realized..what an odd situation I just put myself in.
    So this is Andy. Andy lives across the street from us but he has not been there. His front room lights have been left on though. This has increasingly really worried my wife. "Should we see if he's okay!" "What if he's dead?"... Anyway, I ran into him in the bathroom at the gym and explained to him how concerned Erika had been. Then I say, "Can I take your picture so she can see you are okay?" Only afterward did I realize how awkward it is to ask that of a man in a public bathroom.
  3. And then, Keegan walked into the kitchen sporting this! 😆
  4. Is this not the longest plunger you've ever seen?
  5. And something was on fire (I thought)
    But it was only smoke from a factory of some sort...I guess if it was an actual fire it would've been black smoke!
  6. And my new profile pic because I'm feeling cloudy
  7. But it was a cool sunset though!
  8. And that was pretty much my week - cold medicine, long plungers, smoke and clouds. :))