Requested by Robert

Names of Asian Restaurants or Dishes That Are Eyebrow Raising

Requested by @bloomeanie after a conversation had in the comments section of a post by @sarahgorman ... Please add if you know of any interesting ones.
  1. Husband and Wives Lung Slice
    Guo Zhaohua and his wife came up with this dish (which properly translated should be Spicy Ox Lung Slice) it was so delicious and prepared by the couple with such love and care that the locals named it "Husband and Wife Lung Slice" after the couple
  2. Lions Head Meatball
    No lions were hurt in the making of these meatballs. They originate from Eastern China and are supposed to be formed into the shape of a lions head. It was also believed whoever ate these would become strong like a lion
  3. Ants Climbing a Tree
    The "ants" in this dish are really the bits of minced pork that cling to the pieces of stir-fried glass noodles.
  4. Virgin Chicken
    The "virgin" only refers to the young chicken being slaughtered before it can lay eggs. The French call it "Poussin", Americans call it "Spring Chickens".
  5. Sheep Penis
    Well...what can you say about sheep penis. Except I'm sure it tastes really Baa-aa-aaa-d.
  6. Century Eggs
    No, they are not eggs that are 100 years old...but eggs that are pickled in a salty solution for a few months turning the yolk part black and the white part a dark brown.
  7. Habu Sake
    Sake made by either capturing a venomous snake and storing him in rice wine (therefore drowning him). Or mixing snake blood with the alcohol.
  8. Tuna Eyes
    Apparently it tastes pretty much like squid and the eyeball comes surrounded by fish fat. Some prefer to eat it raw, others would rather have it cooked. To cook, you just boil or steam and season to taste, generally with soy sauce and garlic.
  9. Flaming PuPu
    An American Chinese dish most associated with Hawaii. It's like the Asian Sampler Platter