Tonight I looked down and my wedding ring was gone. Where could it be? (It has been getting pretty loose with the slendering of my fingers...I just said the other day I needed to put some string around it because it was so loose)
  1. The Gym?
    Arms flying everywhere..maybe it flew off (Checked with the front desk - no one had turned in a ring)
  2. In the Washer or Dryer?
    Maybe it came off as I was thing clothes from the washer into the dryer. (checked both loads...nothing)
  3. On the Bed?
    Maybe as I was taking everything out of the pockets of my pants, it got mixed in with the coins or something. (Checked the piles of pocket things...nada)
  4. In the Couch?
    I was straightening the couch cushions - maybe it fell off while doing that. (I UNstraightened the cushions and no such luck)
  5. So far, there is no happy ending to this post! 😔