Not my first choice, but when my kids have friends over, this is what plays in the car...
  1. "Something something on the Hill" Ed Sherren
    Kind of sounds like that "Home" song by Pete Peterson or Nate Nathenson or whatever mixed with U2 - 5/10
  2. "Attention" Charlie Puth
    Not bad ... kind of minimal.. actually, Yes! I like it! - 8/10
  3. "Starboy" The Weeknd/Daft Punk
    Okay...I like this song! I didn't used to... but it's been drilled into my head enough. 9/10
  4. "It Ain't Me" Selena Gomez
    Manufactured pop music. Sounds like a BUNCH of other songs 2/10
  5. "maps" maroon 5 -
    I really want to not like these guys...every new song they put out since "Songs About Jane" I go, Ugh!! But then I dig like every song because of its sugary pop goodness! (Like, "Sugar"). 7/10
  6. "L.A. Devotee" Panic! At The Disco
    Okay...this ones not TOO bad...his voice gets to me when he gets into a higher vocal range. I HATE Death of a Bachelor, so this song is actually REALLY good comparably 6/10