Possible Things I Can Do Instead of Going to Florida

Was going to hop a flight to Naples today with my wife and kids, but my grandmother left her body yesterday. Do I still take this week's vacation time from work even though I'm not going anywhere?? Yes, yes I believe I will...but what to do?
  1. Catch up on reading.
    I have a pretty awesome library that I keep adding to, but do not have the time to enjoy it.
  2. Catch up with loved ones
    I have some pretty awesome friends and family that I also don't get time to enjoy...there will be family up for the funeral that I would love to catch up with. I call these members "Wedding and Funeral Family" because that's the only time you see them.
  3. Work on writing music.
    I don't have many gigs coming up in January/February...this would be a perfect time to take long blocks of hours to write some music. If only the inspiration would just magically appear...
  4. Update my iTunes Library
    Just rekindled my love for my iPod. But there are som many songs in the library that don't have the correct info or any album art. What's up with that!!? Not good for someone who always has his Records, CDs and DVDs all organized. I could take a day or two and do that...
  5. Work on my website
    In a fit of inspiration this year, I started a website...it lasted about a week that was full force gale on it, and now I don't even remember the password to get back into it, or what my focus even was...maybe it's time to regroup and give this project s reboot.
  6. Get all my work things organized and planned for 2016
    But wait...I'm on vacation from work...why would I do this??