Inspired by a list @erichutchinson made talking about questions and comments he got while spinning a soul set in October. I spent many years playing music in pubs of many sizes...sometimes with a band, sometimes acoustically.
  1. "Hey man, can I sing one?"
    This actually is better than the few that would just come up and grab the mike from you and start singing. Have to admit, there were some impressive folk out there with wonderful voices...but most of the time it was just drunk college fucks.
  2. "Can you play something we can dance to?"
    This was not as annoying as "Hey, play something we know!" But pretty damn close to it.
  3. "Play Mustang Sally"
  4. "Play Brown-Eyed Girl"
    And then the girl with blue eyes would dance over to you and ask you to change the song lyrics to fit her.
  5. "Free Bird"
    Yes, it's the Midwest...Yes they wanted to actually hear "Free Bird"
  6. "It's (name's) birthday...."
    So they assume I'm going to sing happy birthday to them like I'm Chuck-E-Cheese or something... Sometimes I would sing a terrible version of the traditional "Happy Birthday" and then play Cracker's "Happy Birthday to Me"
  7. "One More Soonnggg". (With no tip)
    And then you'd play that and then get "One Morreee Sonnggg". (Still with no tips)'s the end of the night...I've been up here for four hours, the bartenders want to get've had enough fun!
  8. All in all though, I met lots of great people, played with many talented people and I thank God for the ability to even play music and for those years of my life.