Signs I'm Becoming an Old Man

  1. Walking around the house in my boxers and a coffee stained V-Neck White Undershirt is becoming a natural thing (no black socks though to go with it)
  2. The last dances I really learned were the Running Man and the Roger Rabbit, I do not know how to Wobble, Dougie, Dab, or Hit the Quan
  3. "Newer" TV shows to me are The West Wing and Law and Order SVU
  4. I legit say things like "Back in my day..."
  5. It's 9:30pm (a time where I usually used to start my night) now I'm heading into bed.
  6. Looking thru scrap books of concerts I've been to and realizing my first concerts were 23 years ago.
  7. Kids that I graduated high school with have KIDS that are graduating high school this year