Sunday Morning Dance Party 04.16.17

Pressing random on the ol' songlist and seeing what comes up!
  1. "the Enemy Within" - Ben Lee
    So...Ben Lee...I didn't even know he put out new stuff until I ran into this track!
  2. "Bad Blood" Ryan Adams
    I didn't really get off on his cover album of Taylor Swifts 1989 there were a few decent tracks..especially if you didn't listen to them like they were covers of the original tracks and appreciated them as a brand new song
  3. "Hashata Hacha" Shlomo Katz
    Something about blaring Israeli folk music out to your neighborhood on Easter. (The town I live in is predominately Christian - and when I say predominately, the Jewish population is our family and another Jewish family).
  4. "All The Small Things" Blink-182
    Ahh...revisiting these '90's pop radio hits. It's shit I would NEVER listen to back then (I was way too sophisticated and cool for this back then 😊) ... now it's remembrances and reflections.
  5. "Operator (That's Not The Way it Feels)" Jim Croce
    Jim Croce is underrated if you ask me! This song..I always pick up something different when I listen to it, and it's usually in the dual guitar interaction. Today it is in the (very) subtle piano in the background - you'll need headphones for that one
  6. "No Cominho do bem" Tim Maia
    Whoa!! Don't know where I picked this one up.. but I HAVE to find out what other Tim Maia material sounds like. This track is so funky! Brazilian, I think. If you listen to just ONE of the songs from this list, you owe it to yourself to listen to this one.