Finally a follow up to my '97 album "Fading Into an Undone Thursday" (you can find this at pawn shops in and around Central Illinois)
  1. Awake
    Pseudo Funk-Jazz instrumental album beginner that just kind of fades off at the end making you THINK this is going to be an up-tempo party rocker of an album, but clearly goes right into my usual sad-bastard music.
  2. Where Could Bea Be
    This will be an ode to a more innocent day (when you'd fish down in the Holler for fun, or skip rocks... And there were strong Matriarchal and patriarchal influences in people's lives (the Bea here talking about Aunt Bea because who doesn't like a good Andy Griffith Show reference). Shit...will the kids read it as Bae? I might have to come up with a different title.
  3. You Never Call Me on My Cell Phone (Fault Line Bling)
    Friendships: the loss of friendships, not for any reason (that you know of) but the ones that just...end. You just don't correspond with each other any more like you used to... Who's fault is it? Is it too late to pick up the phone and reach out again or would that be too awkward?
  4. Trusting Me To Trust Myself
    Trust is a huge part of any interpersonal communication but especially when it's the conversations that you have with yourself...there's two parts of me, the part that wholly trusts myself and the part that tells myself that I trust myself but knows that that is total bullshit if I'm honest with myself, but can I really trust that voice? It's all very confusing...wrote a song about it, like to hear it? Here it goes!
  5. Welcome to the Space Jam
    After all of those gut wrenching soul searching is a 7 minute track of just in the studio conversations and musical outtake followed by a "hidden track" of some ironic bullshit cover song...maybe NKOTB.