Tv I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

I wanted to make a list of the ones that instantly came to mind, meaning that I either have fond memories of them, or was tormented by them every time I would hear the theme song. Here they are listed in order of recollection
  1. Matlock
    I remember hating this show which seemed to last like 3 hours when I was a kid. Though looking back now, I do like how Ben Matlock could outsmart the bad guys and ultimately win his case week after week.
  2. Star Search
    Did this come on on Saturday Nights? I just remember sitting eating dinner and learning fractions with Ed McMahon - 3 and 1/2 Stars...3 and 3 Quarter Stars. What a rating system!
  3. L.A. Law
    Probably totally inappropriate for my 8 year old mind...I remember there being lots of inappropriate language and sex...but it was the late '80's...I'm sure it's the Dick Van Dyke Show compared to what's on TV nowadays.
  4. The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson
    I LOVED sneaking downstairs and hiding around the corner to hear the first part of the Carson show! (I'm sure my parents knew I was there)
  5. TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes
    Holy Christ, I think my father had an Ed McMahon Fetish! First Star Search, then The Tonight Show and now this??
  6. Wheel of Fortune
    We were definitely a Wheel of Fortune house..not a Jeopardy house.
  7. The Cosby Show
    Thursday nights on NBC were awesome!! I had already had an introduction to Bill Cosby before this show from my dads old comedy records...I still can tell you most of the plots from each episode.
  8. Cheers
    Aww...such a warm place in my heart for Cheers. The Diane/Coach years...the Rebecca/Woody years...they are all wonderful wonderful times. My favorites were when they were having competitions with the rival bar "Gary's Old Time Tavern"
  9. Quantum Leap
    This was definitely my Mom's show. And I have a lot of memories being cuddled up on the couch watching it with her. So imagine my surprise when I told her that I found the complete seasons on Netflix and she had no idea what I was talking about!!! "But mom, we used to watch it together all the time!!!"