What a Long Strange "Trip".....

Ooh!!!! So...I'm going to Nashville on Friday morning...I shall post weird things I find on our 6 hours of travel and then when we get there and my 6 hours back. Stay tuned! Thanks for the request @gd3
  1. Thursday 05.04.17 - Time to clean out my f'in car for this trip!!
  2. Thursday 05.04.17 - 12:15pm - got a much needed oil change
  3. well...me and this sleeping guy
  4. May 05, 2017 4:10am - Snackages for the drive
  5. 4:23 am - Let's do this!! Next stop Nashville (well...I'm sure we will stop for gas.)
  6. 5:20am - Morning has broken - I'm out of coffee already!
  7. 6:15am - Kaskaskia River Flooding - Southern Illinois
  8. 7:00am - Oops - U-Turn
  9. 7:43am - 180 miles to go
  10. 8:15am - we found Metropolis Illinois which features a huge Superman Statue and Museum
  11. 8:25am - we found that Big John is bigger than Superman
  12. 8:35am - Ohio River...I've never crossed it before
  13. 9:20am. Ugh...I'm done with rain!
  14. 10:00am stopped at a Pilot for gas and coffee in Oak Grove, KY which begat two questions: 1. What the f is "Thungry"??
  15. And 2. When the f did Wendy's start doing breakfast??
  16. 11:00am - we made it!!! Rain stopped! And we found a place to park!!
  17. 1:19pm - Finishing up at the Country Music Hall of Fame (we've been here since we got to town)
  18. 1:50pm - AJs Good Time Bar for some acoustic music and to get out of the rain
  19. 2:21pm - Earnest Tubbs Record Shop - I think this is hilarious!! Jimmie Crawford is a steel guitar player (I didn't buy it...)
  20. 2:30pm - finally found coffee
  21. 7:50pm - found a cool show to go to near Vanderbilt University
  22. This place is so awesome!!! Look at the people who have played here...and I swear it only holds like 500 ppl (without looking it up). I would've loved to see most of these people here
  23. I've made a part 2 list as to not make this list too long. Feel free to join us on our adventures today!!