What the heck was this all about??
  1. I was at the gym on New Year's Eve and there were some people working out, but also some people socializing and with food and cocktails around the equipment. And they were taking up some of the machines that I like to use...
  2. Then I end up at this swanky hotel lounge awaiting a table for dinner and in strolls my wife (who was pretty tipsy) with like 5 guys from my work and they are all dressed to the nines. I join them at a table where they proceed to show us a "Year in Review" type video.
  3. The video has various clips, but it wasn't all just this year, it was a lot of civil rights clips from the '60's and cities being blown up and just a lot of gruesome gruesome things....and it was all set to an unidentified Willie Nelson song (the video, not the whole dream
  4. Then I proceed to ask the guys how they ran into my wife. They said they found her at "The Headbob Inn" which she claims she was there trying to get a picture of the front, they all had smirks on their faces like they were aware of a DIFFERENT story.
  5. Then I woke up and my wife was not in bed anymore.
  6. So here's my analysis - The Gym - was totally dreamt about because we just went there yesterday and commented on the sign about them being open on NYE, but closed New Years Day when everyone wants to start their resolution. And how they could probably make a killing with new customers if they were open that day...
  7. And I did have an incident lately where I was waiting for this piece of equipment to open up, and this guy was CLEARLY done with it, but he was leaning on it talking to this other person for like 20 minutes! Ugh...and food and drinks at the gym?? Why not! It's NYE!!
  8. The swanky hotel lounge is probably because we were talking about Las Vegas at dinner last night and the different places on and off the Strip...that one was easy, except why would I not be with my wife there anyway? And the video? I have no idea, but it was sad...I believe the Willie Nelson song may have been me "Me And Paul".
  9. And why these 5 guys from my office and what were they doing with my wife?? The Headbob Inn part actually is kind of funny. And I haven't thought about it in years, but I used to work in this record store that was about a block away from this trailer park, a lady from there offered me a "Headbob" in trade for a Johnny Cash boxed-set
  10. My wife just woke up, she was on the couch because of the wind rattling the windows, not my snoring (which I previously thought!). I told her to stop being such a whore in my dreams. (Which is a total opposite from how she is in my awake life, btw...) 😆