What my critical inner voice tells me: Before a Gig Edition

It is currently 5:30. I have a gig at 9:00 that I have to leave for in an hour or so...here is what CIV is currently telling me.
  1. "Yeah..you should've practiced more...you're not ready with this material"
  2. "Even if you were ready, do you really think you can sing for the next three hours? You haven't sang a lot since you've been sick AND you pretty much sucked at rehearsal the other night"
  3. "Quit thinking you can play guitar solos. This is why there are "lead" players...you are a rhythm player...you're not ready to take solos."
  4. "the crowd is going to hate the material"
  5. "You're not dancey enough for a bar on a Saturday night."
  6. "...and that shirt is hideous and makes you look fat...go change!"
  7. Don't you just wish you could make your mind shut up???
  8. (Tonight's poster)