Our dog's name is Stanley, but he will respond to pretty much anything, including all of the below. He is a dummy and I love him.
  1. Stanley
  2. Stan
  3. Stanny
  4. Stanley Sitwell
  5. Stanny Bones
  6. Stan Man
  7. Stan Man Gundy
  8. The Stanimal
  9. George "The Stanimal" Steele
  10. Stan of Green Gables
  11. Stan of la Mancha
  12. Stan in the Place Where You Live (Now Face North)
  13. Stan and Deliver
  14. Stanley Bing-Bong
  15. Stan-a-lana-ding-dong
  16. Stan-konia
  17. Stan-ky Legg
  18. Stinkhouse Van Houton
    Context: He is a flatulent dog.
  19. My Fuzzy Dumpling
  20. Sir Poops-a-lot
  21. Dirty Dingus McGee
  22. Stanley Boniva
    This is the formal version of Stanny Bones for when he's in trouble.
  23. Mr. Doge-angles
  24. A regular "Tim 'The Towel Man' Taylor"
    Context: I was drying him off at the time.
  25. Butterbuns
    Context: No idea where this one came from. My brain is largely a trash heap.