1. I shave my own head every Friday.
  2. I carry chap stick on me 365 days a year.
  3. Brand: Nivea.
  4. I get very stressed if I forget aforementioned chap stick.
  5. I decide what to wear from the bottom up. Shoes first.
  6. I have 4 different kinds of shampoo. Yet no hair.
  7. I'm not balding. I choose this hairstyle. It keeps me in zen Monk mode at all times.
  8. In fact I wish my hair would slow its growth. Even once a week is sometimes not enough.
  9. I own 2 cars. 2 bikes. A skateboard. A Honda Ruckus. A citipass. A metro card. But my favorite mode of transport? Walking.
  10. Probably why I own 2000+ pair of sneakers.