There was no movie that emulates the sugary excess of the 90s more than Space Jam - a film that seems to have been inspired by a Warner Bros intern's suggestion and facilitated by Michael Jordan's half-assed compliance. What can solve my quarter life crisis? Ostensibly - buying old space jam shit from middle America. (Request by @officialseanpenn
  1. Michael Jordan "baseball action figure"
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    Were your favorite parts of the movie the scenes / backstory of MJ struggling as a minor league baseball player? NO? Then you LOVE an action figure that commemorates said scenes you fast forwarded through.
  2. Horrifying Michael Jordan Head Mug
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    Celebrate the greedy minds of WB executives as you slurp your favorite beverage out of the decapitated head of a police sketch-ish version of MJ's noggin
  3. Useless Space Jam Commemorative Coin
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    Why spend 8 dollars on food, shelter, or charity when you can blow it all on a commemorative coin that seems to celebrate something that looks like "Mr. clean and his critter friends?"
  4. Mean Alien Villain "action" figure
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    A fun action figure of the fat Harvey Weinsteinish alien who gets the whole plot cookin! Recreate all his famous actions like "sitting" and "sitting and pointing" and "fuming"
  5. assorted Space Jam happy meal toys (unopened!!!!)
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    Any OKCupid or Tinder date would be impressed by the self-restraint and determination it takes to not open Happy Meal toys that were designed for 8 year olds in the mid-90s. A complete set!...for police to find in your home when you die alone
  6. MJ (voodoo) doll
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    Another haunting item that MIchael Jordan probably never signed off on. Recreate famous scenes like when MJ agrees to do Space Jam but "only for 100M and a lot of the back-end"