1. First image after we're told to review the safety card and watch the in-flight video
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  2. Cat on a roomba undermines important information about keeping the narrow aisle ways in mind during a life or death situation
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  3. Peanut Butter Jelly Time banana appears while I wonder if the elderly woman to my right will be an obstacle if I rush for an exit
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  4. As this surprised meerkat appears during important information about emergency exits, I realize the dried Mangoes I packed will only last me 2 days Max
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  5. Hot dude calms me down momentarily as I watch him put his mouth to the tubes on his life vest
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  6. Little mouse putting up its folding table is cute but reminds me that in the event of an abrupt water landing, that plastic square could go through my stomach upon impact
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  7. I assume at this point, my medication kicks in
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  8. I squint at the text to cull important information that will help me save my fellow passengers on this flight. I realize we're all fucked.
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