For those of you who don't know, Grindr is like Tinder but specific to the gay community and more about romance and chemistry. I gave up.
  1. "sup?"
  2. "Hey how's it going?"
  3. "What's up?"
  4. "Hi"
  5. [unprompted, unrequested picture of a dick]
    Genuinely upsetting
  6. Sup. (5 min later) sup. (a day later) you there?
    After I don't respond
  7. "Nice nose. I like Jews :)"
  8. "420?"
  9. "Into feet?"
  10. "What's your age limit?"
    - 56 year old man
  11. "Watch Scream Queens! Coming this Fall on FOX! 😈🔪"
    Not joking.