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  1. Jaws
    I accidentally saw this movie around the age of 5/6 because my dad was being negligent and it was on basic cable one afternoon. I have Distinct memories of being too scared to sit on the toilet because I was convinced the shark was going to swim up our plumbing and bite my tush.
  2. Darkrides at Disneyland
    I grew up in SoCal and spent a good chunk of my early years at Disneyland for various birthday celebrations. There was something so creepy about the rides at Disneyland to me. I was convinced that the evil witch really did live in the Snow White ride and that the Pirates lived in the dark pirates ride. Vividly remember nightmares involving me walking around those rides in the dark looking for my parents.
  3. Velociraptors from Jurassic Park
    They. Fucking. Use. Door handles.
  4. The Hellraiser VHS cover at Blockbuster
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    I feel bad for the netflix generation that will never know the life lessons acquired at a video rental store. Not only was your ego and impatience put in check when the ONE movie you wanted was out of stock ("are you sure you don't have it? Can you check in the back?") but wandering the aisles was an education in itself. While I remember the weirdly sexual covers that piqued my curiosity, it was the Hellraiser cover that fucked with me. Were those screws? In his face? WTFFFF!!?
  5. Reveal of the Villain in WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT
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    Seriously? This shit is so fucked up.
  6. That horse dying in NEVER ENDING STORY
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    This shit is fucked up part Deux. Animal friends slowly suffocating in muck because of bad vibes is not cool.
  7. Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
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    I think every Jewish mother had a forced and non-specific conversation with their child about "not going with a stranger even if they offer you candy," etc etc. Your instincts are all "fuck you, mom - I'm taking free candy if it's offered" and then you see this movie that literally promotes your worst fears of kidnappings and evil perverts and you're left scarred after one sleepover where this is played before bed.
  8. Mufasa's death
    To this day, the idea of someone getting trampled to death is so complicated - let alone for a 4 year old to fathom. Distinctly remember wondering if he fell asleep. Also - logic gap - all the animals are cartoon-eyed and voiced by Nathan Lane except the gazelle who have beady black eyes and don't stop or move around their King's body? Or he dies from impact? Either way - it's a lot for me to this day. Pls explain what happened in the comments below.
  9. The witches in disney's Hocus Pocus
    Scared the shit out of me
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